Monokote ®
MK-6/HY and MK-6s

Proven, in-place performance on interior structural steel makes these products the most widely used fireproofing in the world. MK-6/HY and MK-6s are cost-effective, gypsum-based, cementitious spray-applied fireproofing products designed for easy, fast application to steel and concrete substrates. Both products provide maximum flexibility for a wide variety of job-site conditions.

Typical Uses:
Interior, concealed applications such as:

High-rise and low-rise commercial

office buildings

Government buildings

Hotels, resorts, and casinos

Health care facilities

Schools and museums

High bond strength in excess of 200 psf

Resists damage from air erosion and abrasion

Gypsum-based formulation contains no mineral fibers

No topcoat or surface sealer required

Replacement Fireproofing

Cementitious replacement fireproofing designed for retrofit spray application to steel and concrete substrates. Its blue signal coat makes it easy to identify re-sprayed areas. Interior, concealed applications include retrofit of commercial office buildings, asbestos abatement and patching and repair office buildings, asbestos abatement and patching and repair of existing fireproofing.

Monokote ®
MK-6/HY Extended Set TM Fireproofing

Monokote MK-6/HY Extended Set Fireproofing is the newest innovation in MK-6/HY technology. It increases applicator productivity and minimizes the impact of fireproofing on the construction schedule. This single component, mill-mixed cementitious fireproofing plaster has a delayed set feature which allows it to be left unattended in the delivery system for up to 4 days. At the jobsite, water is added to form a consistent, pumpable slurry and Monokote ® Accelerator is injected to achieve fast set, high production results. MK-6/HY Extended Set is approved for use on structural steel columns, beams, joists, trusses and floors and roof decking, and is listed in the UL Fire Resistance Directory.

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